Welcome to Superior Bullys Kennel!

Our goal here at Superior Bullys Kennel is to breed the MOST SUPERIOR Classic/Standard class Bully.  If you prefer that class of American Bully you have come to the right place.  Currently we are new to the Phoenix, AZ area.  Superior Bullys Kennel is a Family type group of American Bully Lovers.  Everyone who is a member or current Superior Bully Owner shares the Passion and love for the breed.  We do not sell our Loved Bullys for Illegal Purposes.  We are very flexible with New Bully Purchases.  We here at Superior Bullys Kennel want to see every Superior Bullys go to a Loving Home.  We care about our Dogs!!!

Superior Bully Food

The Preferred Dog Food and Serving Sizes chosen and used by Superior Bullys.

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Health Tricks

Some usefull tricks on treating some basic Illnesses of your loved Superior Bully.

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Superior Kennels

Superior Bullys Kennel needs to have the best of the best Kennel and we found it!

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Bully Rescue

If you can no longer afford to take care of your Superior Bully please take it somewhere that cares.

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Feel free to post comments on any page you would like to.  Superior Bullys Kennel wants to know continuously how we can improve whether its a spelling error on a page or you simply like one of our Superior Bullys.  Superior Bullys Kennel cares about what our viewers think of our Kennel.  We are Professionals here at Superior Bullys Kennel.  The way our Customers/Crew Members view us is Most Important.